MFX-01 Actuator

The MFX-01 Actuator is designed to open and close in gravity die casting applications. It is primarily used for accurate filling of sand molds in rapidly moving lines as seen above.

By avoiding unnecessarily over filling the molds, the scrap rate can dramatically be reduced. This also reduces the rate of remelt, thus saving energy and resources.

The MFX-01 is designed to fit the Precimeter product line. It can easily be combined with any ProH Sensor or PLP and either be integrated into an existing PLC system or a Precimeter MLC system.

Technical Specifications

The actuator consists of the electro-pneumatic cabinet, containing

pressure control switch
spare tank
electrical valve

and a pneumatic actuator unit.

Stroke: 60 mm
Air consumption: 0,83 Nl per cycle (open and close) at 6 bar