High temperature probes, proximity and inductive probes


Precimeter Group

Precimeter is a globally active company headquartered in Sweden. With offices and production in Sweden, Germany and the U.S.A we provide excellent service to our world wide customers. Precimeter is also present in Japan and Brazil with sales offices servicing the local markets.

The core business and focus of Precimeter is molten metal level control. To achieve this Precimeter is divided in three different product areas. Precimeter Non Ferrous provides sensors and equipment for control of molten non ferrous metals. Precimeter Die Casting services the die casting industry with level probes and electromagnetic pumps. The third area is Precimeter Iron with equipment for molten metal level control in iron foundries.

Precimeter - Casting Evolution

At Precimeter we are fully committed to our customers and their needs. For more than twenty years we have been active in the field of molten metal level control and foundry automation. Every member of the Precimeter team is constantly involved in a learning process. Our extensive industry knowledge lays the foundation for our continued work and product development. At Precimeter we remain fully committed to continuous development of our technology for better foundry processes - this is what we call Casting Evolution.

Carli Precimeter GmbH

The company Elektro Carli was founded in 1978 in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne.

The main purpose of the activities was the manufacturing and start-up of complete systems in chemical plants. This originally included pumps for liquid metals, level meters and flow meters for handling and monitoring of liquid metals up to 800°C.

The developments were tested for a maximum degree of reliability and efficiency in order to meet the high requirements in this field of technology.

Major investments were made in basic research and development to achieve optimum material matching that offered long-term stability for the prevailing high-temperature environment.

As time passed, we increasingly specialized in this area and after formal restructuring in 1989 and renaming as Carli Electro Automation GmbH, we almost exclusively dealt with level measuring devices and electromagnetic pumps for industrial use at up to 800°C. Carli Electro Automation GmbH not only supplies German foundries, but also those throughout the world.

In 2007 Carli Electro Automation GmbH was acquired by Precimeter Scientific, Sweden. The profile of the company remains intact and the products remain the same. During the summer of 2007 the name was changed to Carli Precimeter GmbH to reflect the fact that the company officially became a part of the world wide Precimeter Group. With the larger resources of the Precimeter Group, Carli now has the possibility to expand and reach even more customers around the world.

Future with modern technology

Based on many years of experience and continuous developments, Carli Precimeter GmbH manufactures high-quality inductive measuring systems (probes) and pumps that are used in the production processes of foundries.

The inductive measuring systems and pumps from Carli Precimeter GmbH offer the following advantages:

• higher stability of the measured values
• higher material and temperature stability
• a low level of maintenance
• optimum cost-performance ratio

The company Carli Precimeter GmbH therefore numbers among the most innovative enterprises in this market section.




Test facility Flat channel pump
Test facility Flat channel pump

High-temperature furnace for test purposes
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Test facility probes/ electronics

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Test facility round pump